So what do I have to do the rest of summer?  

A mixture of personal and professional goals.

  1. Get in the habit of exercising!  I truly want to lose weight and become more fit.
  2. Spend some wonderful time with my family!  These last 3 years, moving back from England, have been incredibly fast and furious.  My family has allowed me to focus more than normal on adjusting to new standards and expectations.  In the past 3 years, I have been a 5/6 teacher, gifted and K-2 Science, and 4th grade reading, writing, and social studies for 44 students.  It’s been a whirlwind.  So this summer…what’s left…is going to be filled with fun and exploration.  (But, there will be learning involved…so I’ll share.)

    I feel a little overwhelmed..but with 5's all possible!
    I feel a little overwhelmed..but with 5 weeks…it’s all possible and I have friends to help!
  3. I want to get back into the NGSSS and CCSSS rubric I started for ELA.
  4. Begin an annual plan for math, science, social studies using the district pacing guides – so I can look at areas to integrate the ELA standards.  (I really want to integrate!!!)
  5. I have pictures of my new room…and have been reviewing class setups.  I want areas for collaboration, quiet spaces, and an outdoor learning space.  I want to consider colors, boards, spaces, organizing tools – the nicks and knacks I’ll need.  For example, I have a wall of chalk boards and I am thinking of having a a developing picture each week that students craft to show learning.  (More on that later.)
  6. I want to get my lesson plan book up on-line and my paper grade book going so my thinking is organized from the start.
  7. I have been working on lesson plans for Florida’s CPALMS.  The 4 lessons I submitted link to the NGSSS for Science.  I want to use these at the beginning of the year.  One is on bioluminescence!
  8. I need to get a handle on the annual assessments required by the state and our district  – not just to know the time frame – but to have a plan on understanding the data they will give me and how to use it to enhance student learning.
  9. I want to review 3rd grade FCAT reading and 4th grade writing samples to get a sense of where my students can be (that was just one day)…so I can guide my beginning of year plans.
  10. I want to have a strong Assessment for Learning process.  I learned a lot last year from working to implement the Daily 5 (loved it), DIBELS, and more.  I want to get my assessment binder reader.
  11. I want to have a better picture of how to monitor children who are on progress monitoring.
  12. Just take one giant step at a time!
  13. I am going to Flip areas of my classroom – but I will rely on again!
  14. I need a plan for how to integrate technology – using what I will have available and what is useful for my students and families.
  15. I want to have student portfolios…
  16. I need to finish at least one ESOL class.  Ugh..I offered to help run a NASA ZR Robotics Camp at the last minute, and it totally rerouted my focus from these!
  17. Last…I want to have a strong communication system with my parents.
  18. And…I want this all to be simple, efficient so I have more of a balanced life! (I know it can be done!)

There must be more…but I’ll look at this each week. And it’s not lost on me that 3 goals are family goals and 15 are education related (I am such an EduNerd!)

Any ideas or recommendations you would like to share?



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