“Assessment for Learning is much broader and is defined as: … the process of seeking and interpreting evidence for use by learners and their teachers to decide where the learners are in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there.” from “Perfect Assessment for Learning (The Perfect Series)” by Claire Gadsby, Jackie Beere


Shared assessments force teachers to define exactly what it is

that students should learn—and what kind of evidence is necessary for documenting


School leaders must ask teacher teams to answer basic questions about results: Are your students learning what you want them to learn? How do you know?


Today is a day for being. Be with those you love, be kind to yourself. Be quiet and

call forth the dream you buried long ago. The ember is still glowing in your soul


Chronologically we’re at the end of the year but the beginning

of the journey.


Life as a journey. Life as safari. Life as a pilgrimage. Life as a garden. Life as

the highest art.


The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the



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Thinking through 2016, I can’t say there is anything major I want to leave behind or shed.  However I do realize that from the start, this year has been full of ‘stuff’.  At the beginning of the year, my husband left for England.  We  (I) still had to finish the house remodel, list it, sell it, move it.  I was also a STEM teacher working full-time and leading different professional development programs.   It was a crazy, busy, stressful time!  But I did it, it’s over…and we are back to a place we have considered ‘home’.  So, it was worth it.

In June, we moved to England and not shortly after, I took a new position.  I still needed to unpack my house, move in, and get settled.

They say there are 5 key stressors in live…moving house, changing jobs, divorce, death of a loved one, and major illness.  This past year we have moved house, changed jobs…and, although it was never like we were going to split, the 6 months apart was tough.  And I would argue…moving so far away from family and friends does feel a bit like losing loved ones.  My son and daughter have a 5 or 9 hour time difference, which can make it difficult to talk.  Our friends are 5 as well.

So, 2016 has been challenging…but I have been known to be overly positive and I do love being back in England.  There is just something here about the people and the landscape.  It’s always felt like ‘home’.

Well, 2017 will bring new challenges and the need to refocus and gain footing on what is important in life.  I have ‘watched’ from afar the #teacher5aday challenges, always feeling I didn’t have time to really look into it or take part.  Well, that is my New Years Resolution.  I intend to take part in #teacher5aday and really see how it impacts my health and overall wellbeing.  It can only go up from here.

#connect – I am going to focus on connecting.  When I get busy, I focus more on the right now and less on connecting with others.  Personally, I am going to work on connecting with my friends through a weekly on-line ‘chat’ or meeting up for a walk or tea.  Professionally, I am going to try to build a local PLC of teachers who are encouraging, love teaching, and focused on growing hopefully on twitter but also in person.  I miss the day-to-day dialogue of just being an #edunerd, but also sharing our families, struggles, and celebrations!

jar#notice – Each day I am going to take time to notice the good and positive things by using a jar I saw on Facebook.  I think this is something I can share with my family and classroom…It will be filled with positive thoughts so I can look back on not so bright days.

#learn – I am two classes away from my Masters in Reading.  I signed up for a class starting in January!  I am also going to connect to learn by reading and checking into Edutopia! (Probably a lot more AFTER I finish my classes.)

#volunteer – This is also giving. I used to volunteer for the animal shelter.  So this one, I’m not quite sure of yet.  But I would like to contribute!  I should be able to volunteer more in February and would like to start a Lego team or Robotics team.  Or work with animals. 🙂

#exercise – T25!  I started today!  But I also need to balance that with some meditation. This is where I need more accountability!

Ok..that already sounds like a lot.  Thank you @MartynReah for starting #teacher5aday.  I love teaching but do see where I have to focus on my own #teacherwellness as well!

Thank you









On Thursday night I presented at the Specialist School and Academies Trust (#SSATNC14) Teachmeet. The theme of my 5 minute presentation was on the issue of staff well-being. This was a mini version…

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“These children are engaging with their teacher as learners in pursuit of optimum opportunities to learn. Once a culture has been established where this depth of dialogue can take place, assessment in the classroom truly has the chance to be the province not only of the teacher but of every child too. In” from “Assessment for Learning Without Limits” by Alison Peacock