About me…

Mrs. Terri J. Tomassi,  PgDip SEN in Literacy Difficulties

I am a Brevard County teacher.  Any thoughts shared are completely my own and do not reflect the opinion of my employer.

Planning2Learn blog entries are written from the perspective of an elementary teacher in Florida who is qualified and has taught in England as well.  Having lived in both America and England, I reflect on my experiences living and teaching in both countries; during which time, I was also honored to participate in a Comenius project that linked Poland, Finland and Germany to my (very missed) English primary school.

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THE FOUNDATION: To improve pupil learning & progress through personal and professional planning within a child-centered paradigm using Assessment for Learning (AFL), backwards design and metacognition as frameworks.

Planning centers on Florida Standards, Gifted guidelines, 21st Century learning, Multiple Intelligences, Blooms/Webbs Depth of Knowledge and B.E.S.T practices.  Currently integrating Common Core standards.

I want to integrate links between the English National Curriculum to support students who move on to the Middle and High School Cambridge Program here.  Would love to teach the Cambridge Primary curriculum, but wonder if that will ever be with the Common Core.

I am working this year to develop my lesson plans around B.E.S.T guidelines and to integrate the Flipped Classroom approach.


I work in a county where we “Race to the Top” through a new teacher evaluation system (much like England’s QTS funny enough) linked to student learning gains, differentiation and strong assessment.

And sometimes…I will just reflect or ramble on what’s happening in education globally, just across the pond or in my life over tea!


For my own children…Who inspire me to see every child with the joy and hope they bless me with!  For my students, who share with me each day a love for learning and the challenge to find their own, personalize way to grow!


A teacher with a Florida, Professional Teaching Certificate and Qualified Teacher Status for England.  I also have completed a Post Graduate Diploma in SEN with focus on Literacy Difficulties.

I could also be considered a certified Space Nut and was a Satellite Operations trainer who decided to take on the bigger challenge of teaching children and having my own. There is no ‘ABORT’ button here!

I’m a mom, wife and teacher who works each day to enjoy life’s amazing gifts…my children, my husband, my students, my community and my world. Yes…I can be that deep.🙂

I have done so many different things in life from launching satellites, Disney to waiting tables…and found that teaching is my true joy.  I believe educating others is a science, psychology and art which is always a challenge and always requires me to keep learning and researching.

I am new to exploring how to use Word Press to collect, store and share ideas on teaching and learning. I also love that it may be the outlet I need to be creative when the moment sparks.  I don’t know how much time and what my focus will be on this yet.  And….I apologize in advance for the spelling and grammar errors that ensue.

I can’t imagine not being an Elementary teacher…how could you teach just ONE SUBJECT!

For the 2013-2014 school year I am teaching 4th grade gifted and talented in a self-contained classroom!  I have an incredible boss!
2012 to 2013 – 4th grade reading, writing and social studies!
2011-2012 school year: gifted, K-2 science and reading support.

4 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Barbara Castellanos says:

    Mrs. Tomassi, is that you in between all those guys? I studied mechanical engineering in Germany…we were 3 girls among about 150 guys (all of the girls graduated, of course)🙂

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