About me…

THE WHO:  For my own children…Who inspire me to see every child with the joy and hope they bless me with!  For my students, who share with me each day a love for learning and the challenge to find their own superpowers!  I live and work with super heroes every day!

THE FOUNDATION: To improve pupil learning & progress through personal and professional planning within a child-centered paradigm using Assessment for Learning (AFL), backwards design and metacognition as frameworks. Considering the impact trust and resonance has on staff and pupil progress…I think it’s the key!

And sometimes…I just reflect or ramble on what’s happening in education globally, just across the pond or in my life over tea!

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Mrs. Terri J. Tomassi,  PgDip SEN in Literacy Difficulties

2016 and beyond:  I am a primary teacher based in Oxfordshire county.  Any thoughts shared are still completely my own and do not reflect the opinion of my employer.

Planning2Learn blog entries are written from the perspective of an primary teacher in England who is qualified and has taught in Florida as well.  I have just returned to England this year after spending 6 years immersed in backwards planning, differentiation, assessment for learning, project based thinking, and flipped/blended learning.  For us, it was all about the children and how we could connect and encourage each one to ‘Shine’ and ‘Soar’ like an Eagle.

Having lived in both America and England, I reflect on my experiences living and teaching in both countries; During my first round in England, I was honored to participate in a Comenius project that linked Poland, Finland and Germany to my (very missed) English primary school (I’m back!).

In Florida, I was part of Brevard County’s amazing Andersen Elementary!  (There are too many words to describe the quality of people I was blessed to meet there…enough said.)

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Planning centers on the new National Curriculum standards and assessment for learning…then reflected within Gifted guidelines, 21st Century learning, Multiple Intelligences, Blooms/Webbs Depth of Knowledge and B.E.S.T practices…now in a learning without levels environment.

I am working this year to gain footing back in the primary school setting while continuing to integrate the Blended/Flipped Classroom approach.


I could also be considered a certified Space Nut and was a Satellite Operations trainer who decided to take on the bigger challenge of teaching children and having my own. There is no ‘ABORT’ button here!

And….I apologize in advance for the spelling and grammar errors that ensue.

I can’t imagine not being an Elementary teacher…how could you teach just ONE SUBJECT!

2016 to 2017:  Primary teacher
2010 to 2016: I am a Brevard County teacher.  Any thoughts shared are completely my own and do not reflect the opinion of my employer.
2015-2016:  STEM Teacher (still incredible bosses!)
2013-2015:  I am teaching 4th grade gifted and talented in a self-contained classroom!  I have an incredible boss!
2012 to 2013 – 4th grade reading, writing and social studies!
2011-2012 school year: gifted, K-2 science and reading support.

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  1. Mrs. Tomassi, is that you in between all those guys? I studied mechanical engineering in Germany…we were 3 girls among about 150 guys (all of the girls graduated, of course) 🙂

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