#EduChat, 2013 to 2014, Gifted Education, Just thinking, Teacher Evaluation, Using Data in the Classroom

At moments like this, I just want to share how much I love teaching…

This has been such a wonderful year…
I enjoy my 4th grade team. They motivate and support and truly make me smile!
I love my nearby teacher roomies…they challenge and inspire me beyond belief!
I have an administration that models leadership and encouragement…
And I have students that make me work harder and think faster just to keep pace – not ahead, but even.

As we head into our Tea design challenge and into the last FCAT 2.0…

My only true worry with 5 perfect scores in my class and bunches of 4’s is will I teach well enough for them to show growth? It’s not even me ‘teaching’. Will we work and learn together well enough to show that growth? I don’t want to be under 0 for VAM next year.

It will not be from a lack of assessing, tracking, differentiating, and using assessment for learning with students – as well as metacognition, PBLs, higher order questioning, I can statements, student choice, learning styles/multiple intelligences..




What do you think?

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