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Gosh Damn! That’s a Bad VAM!

I don’t know weather to be encouraged that I am not alone…or discouraged that with all of the accountability for teachers, there is no accountability for our Fl. Department of Education. I haven’t blogged much this year because I have worked so hard in the classroom – I have 5 perfect scores that will need to be maintained. I PMP, track, differentiate my higher students as well as my lower. When my VAM scores came out, I was devastated. I still am. As a GSP pullout teacher, who had students 3 hours a week…and who taught K-2 Science, my 108 ‘reading students’ gave me a VAM of -15%. My 8000% (yes…80000% was the number) math students were negative as well. The following year, when I only taught 44, 4th grade reading, my 81 math students were negative still and the ’81’ reading students? -10%. The science teacher…whose students I taught reading and who taught all of the 87 students in the grade for science only, received a positive 10% for the 44 reading students (I taught…go figure)…and had no math scores. 😦 I truly just don’t get it. How can a teacher get the reading scores of the students I taught…and I get 81 students for reading and math (that I didn’t teach) in a grade level with 87? 😦 Devastated.


In my last blog post I revealed that I conducted a very unscientific study and concluded that I might possibly have the worst VAM score at my school.   Today I conducted a slightly more scientific analysis and now I can confidently proclaim myself to be the worst teacher at my school, the 14th worst teacher in Dade County, and the 146th worst (out of 120,000) in the state of Florida! There were 4,800 pages of teachers ranked highest to lowest on the Florida Times Union website and my VAM was on page 4,795. Gosh damn! That’s a bad VAM! I mean, I always feared I might end up at the low end of the spectrum due to the fact that I teach gifted students that score high already and have no room to grow, but 146th out of 120,000?!?! That’s not “needs improvement.” That’s “you really stink…

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