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The Common Core Lesson Plan app – simple, easy assessment! #edchat, #4thchat, #edtech, @venataur, #A4Learn

This is a review for an App I was introduced to on Linkedin.  I am always up for a good lesson planner and tracking assessments.  What I thought was unique (and worth looking into for $4.99 for my iPad)  was the promise of simple, student assessments.

I am going to borrow a few pictures from the site for the post…but the website is really filled with good visuals and information.  Common Core Lesson Planner App Website.

My review follows some general thinking…and this app is truly under development.  So there are more amazing things coming!  Could I switch to planning everything here….it’s a real possibility.  Thomas Story (@venataur), the developer, is a practicing 3rd Grade Teacher.  This whole app reflects his years of teaching experience and I really felt it intuitively fit my thinking and practice.  It’s really simple and smart.  I can’t wait to see where he improves upon it.

This is the window for assessing students on a standard…
My review explains how I already use a color code system like this to assess.
What I am so excited about is how simple it was to just press and assess!

I am still planning on using Planboard for my overall planning.  In Florida, we still use NGSSS and I like the desktop of that planning software.  However, this app will support some key goals I have set for myself this year.  These are the goals and how this app will apply.  To see the goals outlined, see my Post on Goals for setting up the 2012 to 2013 year.

  • #4:  Shows the standards so simply it will be easy to look up, add a standard to assess, and the monitor the ones I’ve used and assessed.
  • #6: My lesson plans will be on Planboard and my assessments will be on Common Core Lesson App (CCLPa) to monitor how I use the Common Core this year as I finish with NGSSS.  CCLPa is going to update with an option for teachers to add their own standards…I may add the Florida NGSSS standards and track…we’ll see.
  • #10:  This whole app is just smart assessment!  I love how visual it is and the color code scheme is ME!
  • #11:  It also will help with progress monitoring.
  • #17:  It’s not out yet…but Thomas sent a link to a home/school template that shares the standards students are learning with room to personalized.  (Loved it!)
  • #18:  I really think the assessment area and standards tracking will be efficient and I found the whole app..simple and easy!

I will be working next week to set up my Planboard and Common Core Lesson Plan App next week!  I won’t have students but I can add my student numbers. 🙂

Here is my review for iTunes.  First one oddly…so I’m interested to see how it worked and glad Thomas reminded me to review.  I’ll have to look up some other apps I love to feedback!


Review for The Common Core Lesson Plan APP used on an iPad:

I loved the clean way I can read through the standards. The overall design is simple and makes sense. This app will save me time and improve my progress monitoring.

Some thoughts from an educator who has taught in England and now Florida….

Set up was really fast and it is so easy to navigate and edit.

The presentation of the standards is also designed to support lesson planning. I don’t have to go back and forth between windows. The standards are easy to scroll through, by subject, and once I used them…the app keeps track of how many times in the year.

I can also send or print out plans…but I am not sure about assessments. However, it’s just a matter of time I am sure. Update:  Assessment reports are coming!

What I love……is the assessment tool. It tracks 10 assessments per standard! So if I have to re-teach or progress monitor, I can easily show personalized learning and progression.

I love how it tracks 10 assessments per standard. I will easily see how students are progressing.

What surprized me was the use of color coding to gauge mastery of a standard. Why? Because I do that! My students learn to color code their work as a formative and meta cognitive assessment. And….they offered the 4 colors!! (You could use each color with your own key.

I use the four colors to show:
Red – introduced but no progression. Normally I use this to show no understanding or progression after teaching. For someone below grade level…I would be assessing in the previous level/grade standard any way (such as 3rd grade if I am teaching 4th). So this app allows multi-grade level options and I would color code the standard I am teaching that child. If the standard is a year below, even though the student might be yellow or green..with the standard number, it would show below grade level work. So for me, red wouldn’t be used to show below grade level. I love that the developers did not label the colors and allow teachers to use their own thinking!

Yellow – Progression toward standard but not mastery.
Green – Demonstrates mastery of standard.
Blue – Mastered standard and moving on. (When have you seen a grading system that remembers the high achieving! So impressed with designers!)

If you watch the app’s YouTube video my thinking is pretty aligned with the developers intention. I love strong assessment and it drives my instruction.

So…one more GREAT aspect of this app, it shows where my class average is with progression through a standard. So I will easily be able to see those standards mastered quickly and ones I will need to review and/or really reflect on my teaching and learning.

Hands down…great app…well worth the money…easy…and will save me time…while helping me become a stronger teacher. So glad I made the purchase!

My recommendations for future updates…provide an area or teachers to add their own standards so educators not using the common core or those international can use this app. This year in Florida we are still using all Florida standards. I am thinking of how this could work, because I really want the assessment tool.

For planning…I would need a laptop interface. My lessons are pretty in-depth. But…tracking student assessments, progress monitoring…WOW!  Update:  CCLPa will have this option soon!

Thank you for sharing on Linken…glad I checked it out!



5 thoughts on “The Common Core Lesson Plan app – simple, easy assessment! #edchat, #4thchat, #edtech, @venataur, #A4Learn”

  1. Regarding common core lesson planner, is anyone having a problem with it “not saving” the data? I am on an I Pad 2 – If I close the app, ALL of my data is gone………and it won’t show the student data at all – it’s blank. I’ve uninstalled and started from scratch 3 times.

    just wonderin? thanks. nanners

    1. Laura, it’s on ITunes. I downloaded from there. But you have to type in “common core lesson planner”. It’s on my iPad..not on my phone though. I don’t know if that makes a difference. I see that there is an android app that does voice to text for lesson planning! But I have the apple version. Let me know if you still can’t find it. I think it’s for tablets. The web version he said was coming…:)

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