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Push to Implement Common Core “Idiotic” “Without Real Scrutiny or Debate”

  • From Terri (Planning2Learn):
  • I have never seen a reflection about the Common Core so succinct as this. During my MA class on Curriculum Design at Oxford Brookes, we discussed the value and appropriateness of America having a national curriculum like they do in England.
  • My professor was surprized the US did not have a NC. However, when we discussed the size and diversity of our country, similar to Europe, it didn’t seem necessary or appropriate. Something I learned was the unique powers and rights reserved for States…and I do wonder the lasting effects a national government tightly defining individual student learning, experiences, assessments will have overall.  Does greater control equal greater creativity?  I’m not sure.
  • However, I am disappointed to learn that much of the development was behind closed doors and that our math standards are not high enough. I intend to look deeper into that.

Scathing Purple Musings

Three influential education policy experts penned an opinion piece for the New York Daily News in which they effectively explain why the “backlash” against Common Core standards “is now in full swing.” Former U.S. assistant secretary of education and Hoover Institute fellow Williamsom Evers joined CATO Institute scholar Neal McCluskey and one-time Massachusetts associate education commissioner Sandra Stotsky gave five compelling reasons why CCS needs to be set aside:

First, creation and adoption of these standards has violated the traditions of open debate and citizen control that are supposed to undergird public schooling.

Though preliminary drafts of the standards were released to the public, the standards were written behind closed doors by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers — private organizations — and copyrighted. There is also no public record of the meetings available.

Adoption was then strong-armed by the Obama administration via Race to…

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