I agree. My first week I am teaching learning styles , multiple intelleligences and dabrowski’s OE’s!

Ramblings of a Gifted Teacher

 As a teacher, I have found that I have I tend to teach the way I learn best. I have found this isn’t always the best way to teach, because not all of my students don’t learn the way I do. I began to read a book called Gifts and Talents for Teenagers by Carol Carter. This book isn’t for teachers, but obviously as the title says it is for teenagers. My wife gave this book to read as a change of perspective.

One aspect I take away as I am reading this book is to remember that no matter the I.Q of a student they will always fall into one of three categories for learning styles: kinesthetic, visual, or auditory. Though I may be a specific learner, I must find a way to teach in these modes. Not only that, but I must know my students learning style.

Carol Carter gives…

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