It feels like magic when you see a class move like that, don’t you think? Because its not robotic it’s truly a community for learning! I love the video and hope you post follow ups 🙂

Expat Educator

A few times each year, I have the pleasure of visiting my colleagues’ classrooms. As my division focused on the implementation of Word Study, I signed up to watch Barry Mernin’s classroom in action.

Yes, his Word Study procedures were excellent. More amazing to me were the absolutely seamless transitions his 4th grade students made from one activity to another.

I had to see if this was a transition practiced for guests or if it was the natural way his classroom worked.

The next morning, I surreptitiously hiked up to the 7th floor and tried to hide outside Barry’s door. He saw me.

My mind raced with possible excuses for being there.

“Can I watch?” I asked, not knowing what else to say.

“Come on in!” he said in his strong Bostonian accent.

The bell rings. Students move. No one talks. Each student has a place. No one lags behind.

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