Chapter 3 of The Daily5 – Book Review #d5chat

“Children are honored and respected for the types of books 
each needs to read to move toward the goal of being a better reader.” p 33
Welcome to week three of The Daily 5 book study…our host this week is Mrs. Freshwater’s Class.

This week’s shared reading: What’s the Difference?: Key MaterialsConcepts, and Routines For Launching the Daily Five

What “rings” true for you in this chapter?

1.  Why is a gathering place important?

 This was an instructional strategy I learned and used England.  Teaching was from the
floor.  Students were closer so I
could monitor not only behavior, but I could better assess and observe learning.
Students could easily interact easier from the floor and they were closer which allowed me to connect with a variety of students quickly.
I have used a ‘gathering place’ with students up to 6th grade.  Here in the US they weren’t as comfortable at first.  However, over time they sort of resigned themselves to it (since I also was on the floor) and we just got on with it.  In England, students came up through the grades that way and they settled in without thought.
I like the term “gathering place” and intend to use that term rather than “meet on the floor.”  I do intend to buy a bright carpet.  The one in England had the right size squares so student even had their own ‘space.’

2.  How can I best support students to pick appropriate books?

Teach and model I PICK.  I love the book marks found on Treasures for Teaching (see below).
I will also send home a newsletter before school starts to ask for books and share the IPICK strategy so we can ‘launch’ it from the first day!
I will do the ‘shoe’ lesson and ask the librarian if she wouldn’t mind using the same IPICK language.
image from Barnes and Noble.com

       What are my concerns?

Supporting students to pick a book at the right level.  I may need to read  “Guiding Readers and Writers (Grades 3-6): Teaching Comprehension, Genre, and Content Literacy” by Irene C. Fountas, Gay Su Pinnell

3.  What rituals and routines to I need to teach this structure
to be successful?

  • How to use and keep full their book box.
  • Developing anchor charts and referring back to them.
  • Modeling good and wrong behaviour.
  • Bringing students back to the gathering place if they get
  • off task to soon.
  • Consider my signals and procedures for Checking In.
Treasures for Teaching
I also intend to use the IPICK book marks found on Monica’s Treasures for Teaching!
IPICK Bookmarks by Treasures for Teaching

     Will I need to adapt any?

The thumb over the heart seems good…  I need to think about how it will work with my AFL thumbs up/thumbs down though.

Don’t forget to join Mrs. Freshwater’s Class and Jan from Reading and Thinking Out loud for the blog hop!


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