Without a school degree, unemployment & job insecurity !

Totally agree. However, I would like to see more career based qualifications besides the college degree.

USA seen by a frenchie

Open a school, you will close au prison“, used to say french poet Victor Hugo. This quote is nontheless still true today, but is also true in economy. Without surprise, the NYT explains in this morning edition, that US youth without a college degree is suffering of unemployment, part time jobs, and is often obliged to live with their parents.

This situation is not a surprise. With globalization, US companies are relocating their manufactures in low cost countries, in Asia, or even in maquiladoras of the mexican neighbour, in the purpose of producing always cheaper. The consequences for employment are merciless : more you’re graduate, more you have chance to get a job !

The knowledge society becomes a reality. In this society, college degree, & better graduation gives the way to full time job. This situation is strange for a Nation used to think that “everybody’s got…

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