The Student Voice On Zeros

Just asking students can really tell us a lot…

Teaching on Purpose

One of the many missing voices in the debate on zeros is from probably the biggest stakeholder of them all.  The students.

I opened up this conversation in my classroom and simply asked three questions.  I wrote down the response of the kids in an unedited format.  Whatever they said, I wrote down and then waited until the discussion to chime in with my thoughts.  So here’s what they said:

Question #1:  Why might a teacher choose to give zeros?

The students don’t work.

The student provides no effort.

Teacher doesn’t chase you for the assignment.   (To clarify: they were talking about teachers keeping the kids accountable for the work – but they are in Grade 8 so this was their language).

They are mean/strict.

Have high expectations. (Some clarified this by saying they might be too high.)

Want to motivate you to get it done.

Have personal issues…

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