What a Zero Really Says

Teaching on Purpose

A story was recently reported about an Edmonton teacher being suspended for giving his students zero’s in class in a school that has a no zero policy.  (Incidentally, this article is located in the “news” tab and should be moved to the “opinion” tab.  I always taught my kids that reporters should refrain from putting their personal bias into a news article.  So if you read it, read it with a grain of salt.)

Many of my friends have had conversations about this controversial subject and I have stayed out of it.  I have not written anything back on Facebook as people have made comments (mostly in support of the teacher) but in the past 24 hours as I have stood in groups of people who know me, many have turned to me and said, “You’re a teacher.  What do you think?”

Oh boy.  Deep breath in.

Ok, just remember……

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