Excellent poetry book for children “In Bits!” by Neill Stevens

As if the days couldn’t get better.  Last night my son asked me to read poetry to him!  We found a book from an English poet who visited our school in England.

“In Bits! A Collection of Poems by Neil stevens

This book is full of fun and engaging poems about school life and more!  We had an opportunity to hear the author live a few years back with Key Stage 1 (and 2) as the author not only entertained…but taught and encouraged pupils to enjoy writing poetry!

Years later the memory of Neil Steven’s and his poetry is still in my son’s memory….and the laughs continued last night as we read through some of his favourite poems!

There is so much you could do with this book as far as integrating it into the curriculum!  Good fun!


1 thought on “Excellent poetry book for children “In Bits!” by Neill Stevens”

  1. Hello! I know this post is five years old but I bought my book ‘In Bits’ about 8 or 9 years ago! I’m a teacher and my children have LOVED the poems in the book. However, from moving to different schools etc. I have actually lost it! I’m wondering if you know how to get a copy? I can’t seem to find details anywhere. The class always loved the poem ‘Sit on your Bottom’.

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