About being a classroom teacher and being a mom….

Today I had the opportunity to sub for 45 minutes the classroom next to mine.  The subject was social studies and the students were in Grade 5.

As they entered…I realized that it has been a full year since I first met them.  I had taken over their Grade 4 Math class in April of 2011 when their teacher retired from illness.  I missed them!

The first group easily read my Welcome Instructions from the board…quickly quieting down to read their AR book as I took roll and lunch count.  Since the morning announcements would not be on and it was Monday I asked them to share their weekend.  Of course some funny stories emerged…like camping through a crazy thunderstorm!

Then we settled into the lesson and I offered to read the story as a group or they could read on their own.  Some choose to read independently and the rest relaxed into the comfortable learning circle we’d used from last year.  We read a little and discussed the similarities and differences from the days of Thomas Jefferson.  Some students I knew to be more shy started by listening and then offered up their thoughts or questions as they warmed up.

When my friend came in…perfectly on time…I was a little sad.  Happy that she took a few minutes to get situated, turn on her computer and check for any notes…but sad that it was still going to end too soon.

I enjoy teaching!  I enjoy all my GSP, K-2 Science and success zone ..and my technology students.  I am thankful for the moments I laugh when K Science does something totally unexpected and my 2nd Grade Science blows me away with the heights of their thinking and learning.  My GSP children challenge me to my limits and I find myself lost at times researching anything from Lewis Carroll, the International Space Station and now Deceptively Delicious food.

But there are times like Friday I feel like I am not doing enough.  I am a jack of all trades and skilled at none.

Friday came and went with a sense that I could and should do more.  But there just wasn’t’ time.   Ok…well there was time..but this weekend I really wanted to be with my children.  Sunday I spent the day with my own 3rd graders…who asked “Mom…do you think you could convince your hands to come rub my feet?” as I was lazily reading by the pool….of course my hands quickly agreed.  There will be few days my son will want to just sit with me and let me rub his feet 🙂  He also taught me FiFa and laughed…oh yes…lots of laughter over how TERRIBLE I am. (It was my first time..) But he still kept me on his team.

About 3pm…and spending hours ‘handing out’ and relaxing together…eating sandwiches and learning more about this game and that…I looked to him and quitely said “I’m sorry for not being the best mom this year.  I’ve spent a lot of time with work and haven’t really been there…but I truly love you and am so blessed to be your mom.”

I enjoy my students but my own children hold my heart in their hands!

He got this huge grin…”MOOOOOMMMMM.  It’s Ok…come one…focus (on the game).”

And so I did…

This Sunday was such a great day…Monday was just as wonderful.

With hopes that next year I may be a regular classroom teacher…with less students to focus on but more time to gain a better focus on them and my family much better.

Thank you family for loving me and letting me work hard this year!


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