Week 10 “Creativity cannot be measured, and efforts to do so are not a waste of time.”

This statue is considered valued and very creative...but for the life of me I cannot figure out what the artist's message was except for something fun to hang around in...

In response to my creativity class….

“Creativity can/cannot be measured, and efforts to do so are/are not a waste of time.”

Support or refute this statement in your journal, you may write, draw, graphic organize, or respond via poetry that you create.

There are currently a range of assessments that work to measure the concept of creativity.  They look at novelty, fluency and flexibility as well as divergent thinking.  Although some assessments seem to have an acceptable amount of reliability and validity…there does not seem a consensus that any one test is the best.  In addition, creativity is cultural…the value of a something being creative will depend on the community it is presented in.

My thoughts….

Although I very much feel that creativity cannot be measured with accuracy…at the moment…I believe people understand how it can be encouraged and cultivated…and how necessary it is for our future.

Creativity seems to be a concept that can be grasped in our thinking although not defined and explained completely.  It reminds me of how people consider the ‘soul’.

We know there is an essence of life that makes us unique…more than just being ‘alive’…as humans we have an awareness, a mental capability that research can ‘see’ but not completely prove and define.  We have found no other creatures that have the ability to step outside oneself and contemplate, consider and ‘create’.

As a result…I used both parts of the quote.  I don’t think we are at a place we can measure creativity accurately.  We can sense it, ‘see’ it and experience it…but not truly limit or define it in a way to measure it.

However, I believe the search to try to measure creativity is not a waste of time.

In fact, I think it is a path that will lead to a better understanding of who we are as a race.  The more we try to understand creativity and the more it eludes us…the more we see how amazing we are, how unique life is…thinking is…creating is…our planet is…

The path to learning and uncovering more about being creative is the very direction we need to head in order to encourage and cultivate the creative ideas needed to help us navigate the challenges of this century and beyond.


What do you think?

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