Creativity Module 4: #gifted #gtie Gifted Project – Digital Poster design… linking photography to a quote to inspire

this picture was taken by the student in our school garden then edited to highlight the quote!

This past term I wanted to take look at the creativity my gifted students could unleash.

I was inspired to do this project based on an activity we were asked to do in my creativity class ~ give students an object and see the ideas they come up with regarding its use.

Well, rather than give my 6th grade an object I gave them a software project – Using PICNIK.com to design a poster to inspire people.


MUST: create using a picture with no copy right restrictions and another’s quote.
SHOULD: use another’s quote and take your own picture.
COULD: create you own quote and take you own picture.

Must: using a quote and picture from another

We discussed “inspiration” and learned how the software worked. Once that was done, they knew they had the free reign for design.”

Here are some samples.

What I noticed was that some students could design with other people’s quotes and photos but did not venture into any photo or quote creation of their own.

Even after assembling multiple posters linking pictures and quotes they found. These students were still creative in the editing process but they needed someone to set the foundation to leap off of.

Could: design using your own photo and created quote

Some students started with their own quotes and planned, then took and edited their own pictures from the moment they were free to start. These students had a knack for seeing something new without needing any stepping-stones!

should: using another's quote and their own planned photograph

And of course, some students were inspired by a quote and planned, then took their own picture…..having that foundation but being able to mold something new out of it.

A different point of view in a given entity…..

In my creativity book the author shared different theories such as the need for knowledge and skill within a discipline before creativity can emerge and that sometimes higher IQ seem to show increasing levels of creativeness.

I believe all my students felt creative. After watching the initial work of some students we reviewed some basic designs of adverts and posters around school – discussed space and coloring, impact and message. I led that more as an inquiry asking them what they noticed and how they felt about the designs and spacing, fonts and colors….the words, phrases, the photos.

I believe all of the designs you see were created prior… but there were students who the “skill and knowledge within the discipline.poster art seemed to help them finish a project started.

In the end…there were students who created numerous posters during class and at home through their own desire and there were students who used three class sessions and completed just one…working and thinking…engaged the entire sessions given.

I was fasinated….at the differences between the content of the posters, the editing, the quotes created or used

PICNIKS.com will only be available until mid April and then I am not sure what Google has planned.

This student worked on this poster over weeks...reviewing and modifying his edits until it was just so.



What do you think?

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