Spring break… Time to unwind, refresh and refocus!


This spring break came at just the right time. I have learned so much teaching gifted, primary science and reading support.

I have stretched and grown as a teacher and person. Honestly, as a mom and wife, friend? I have been lacking.

This is the time last year I was starting at my current school, getting ready to meet the people who are quickly becoming near and dear to me.

It has taken a good 4 days to just relax and rest. Just like my cat, I took the time to rest, sleep, read. I have not done much for the last four days.

Normally, I would feel guilty – but I don’t! I feel so much better.

Teaching is much more than a 40 hour week job. When school is in you work all the time. When school is out you rest and get ready for the next term or next year.

Tonight I am back to work. I have spent the day reading up on my creativity class and will do some planning and assignments tonight.

It’s hard to believe we are in the final weeks.

Hope you all are having a wonderful spring break! I am finding joy and appreciating each day with my family.


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