Great #GTIE tweet up tonight on Asynchronous Development of #gifted by @peter_lydon

Just attended a tweet up for #GTIE (gifted and talented in Ireland).  @peter_lydon leads the group and it is always so informative!  He starts up out with a topic and some reading.

Tonight we started out with a topic I’ve never considered..but it links well to what I am learning about #gifted in my Special Populations class..

Although I may have strong artistic talent or an above level intellect... don't forget, I'm also just 5!

 Asynchronous Development – when a gifted child is at one level intellectually and another social and emotionally.  Essentially, they can tackle complex topics in one sense..but truly they still are 5 years old.  It’s difficult for me to explain…but I do see the affect in some of the students I teach.

Of course A LOT of reading and web resources were gained 🙂 so I have some good work a head of me.  There is just so much to learn about teaching the gifted.

Here are the websites…

In the end, some strategies were differentiation and personalized learning, P4C and more.  Grouping is an interesting concept…we kind of group but not all in the same class.  There is a lot of research supporting single class grouping and I wonder if that is the way to go.


Back to planning….


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