Great idea #2: A process for establishing classroom or group rules #gifted #educhat

I started my 3rd gifted endorsement class today and our instructor has already shared some amazing ideas for teaching and learning!

In my gifted class today I experienced a really neat way of creating rules for a group.  Next year I am going to use it in my classroom to set the rules and then revisit in the first month, end of term and when needed.  (I want to see if the students need to change rules over time.)

How we set group rules…

  • Independently and with quiet music playing in the back ground, we wrote EXPECTATIONS we felt we needed to
    Once we worked in a small group and choose our most importance expectations for learning, we brought them together as a class by sorting them into categories set up on different tables.

    learn best on green cards.

  • Two types of expectations – for us (my peers and I) and for my teachers.
  • Then we sat in group of 3 or 4 and shared our expectations.
  • The group thought through creating 5 (could have been more) expectations on new coloured cards – pink (the colours aren’t important but each stage had different ones).
  • The group expectations were more US and for our teachers.
  • Then the instructor had tables with different categories – attitude, behavior, misc, work environment…ect.
  • We broke up and places our cards under the categories we felt they fit.
  • People volunteered to think through the cards at each category and then meet together making a set of class rules.
  • The rule group presented their decisions – with justifications – to us.

We really didn’t talk about their rules.  They seemed pretty acceptable to all of us and it appeared as I walked around placing my cards in categories that many of us had similar expectations.

A group volunteered to sort through our expectations and bring them all together and synthesize them into a small set of 'collective' classroom rules.

I felt it gave me a voice.  I liked sharing…and the outcome was acceptable.

It was also pretty quick and a good way to give students a voice in their learning environment.

What I noticed?  We, as a whole class, made very little expectations for our instructors.   I don’t know if that is because we don’t think much about having expectations for our teachers as much as we know we will have expectations of learners…if we don’t feel comfortable having expectations for our instructors…or if we just don’t have the experience (truthfully, I’ve never been asked that before.)

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