What a difference a day makes… #hypothesis #primaryscience

Well… the last two days I’ve had the chance to re-teach that lesson. I implemented all of the changes I felt I needed.

K scientists were able to do the investigation in teams with little support this time!

First, we walked through the investigation together – my kindergarten students recorded as we went along and I checked to see who was able to do things step by step…who seemed to understand the process and procedures, who would need support.

  • I modeled working in a group of 3
  • How we searched for items in the classroom (I felt they really enjoyed being able to choose)
  • How we each made our own hypothesis and then drew them out to record.
  • How we recorded/drew with enough neatness and detail that another scientist would understand.
  • Where I wanted the work on the page.
  • Measuring each item…counting the ticks together…recording the results under the picture of the item.
  • How we took turns.
  • Thought out loud about if my hypothesis was correct.  Why it is ok for a scientist to have a hypothesis that is wrong (I noticed yesterday some students were worried they didn’t ‘guess’ right.
  • Had a peer review…how does their investigation look compared to mine?
  • Self assessment…who feels they know how to do this well?  Who is not sure? Teamed up accordingly.

And started!  AMAZING! Totally different.  Much smoother.  They really enjoyed the investigation.  They finished…with the exception of the few that need more time or support.

This time I walked through the investigation and had the students record it in their science journals as well. We also role played being a time and how we would work together (take turns, measuring) and how our hypothesis could be different.

We reviewed how it went.  I walked around and checked for teamwork and the process.  Checked results!

I am lucky I get a second chance to try out my reflections.

We all decided we want to do it again because it was so much fun and they want to investigate other items to measure.  We are going to work in the same teams because they all seemed to be a good fit.  Overall I feel they did a great job and are emerging with an understanding of how to create a hypothesis, how to test their guess and then check their results.

I was really pleased with their results. This student guessed that the rock would be lightest, the apple would be heavier and the hole punch would be the heaviest! They ended up with tie! So they weren't sure if their hypothesis was right (check) or wrong (X). I also made them erase or neatly cross out their work if it wasn't neat. We know that our recordings should be written so we can understand them later or so another scientist can understand what we did and found.

What do you think?

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