Our FL PGP – teachers evaluating teachers… What do you think?

from Microsoft Images: My team is better than your team!

Alright…I work with some pretty amazing teachers….really!  As part of our new PGP process we have to evaluate our ‘team’ – on a scale of 0-8 we have to rate how well we work together, how well they ask for help, provide help, how we will offer to help school wide.

Let me start out by saying I LOVE to work with other teachers.   I’m pretty sure there are days teachers hide from me because I want to talk about how students are doing…what I’ve seen…what they think… what does the data show.  They are great and you wouldn’t know I probably drive them crazy.    I mean I haven’t seen them run and hide…

but there are those days when I can’t find ANY of them in the morning…hmmm…


We did have a rubric to go through.  I thought it was pretty straightforward…have we seen our team at a vertical articulation(mixed grade levels) meeting, horizontal (single grade level) meetings…are they sharing and meeting over common assessment data(school wide or common team assessments).

Our principal has set up our team pretty well.  I know people aren’t keen on the number of meetings we attend…but truthfully…we hit all this areas!  So when this rubric came up… you could see the thinking and the foundation she set.

We have our weekly grade level PLCs… we go over reading one week, math…PMPs…and share concerns, ideas..strategies.

Then we have monthly vertical articulation meetings.  In the beginning of the year I sat in on writing and then ended up with math because it is part of my PGP.  None of these are new to me and both are groupings that we worked with in England.  I felt it was very valuable to discuss progression with teachers in the same grade and the grades above a below. I think we are still developing the focus on my vertical articulation meeting for math..but science is tight and our weekly PLC is strong.

A lot of good info has come out.

In science… I learned our 5th grade needs work on CREATING graphs and charts..as well as some of the new vocabulary. Did you know Bar graphs are out and COLUMN graphs are in. 🙂

In writing, I shared how we uses a common language across all grades and the team decided to utilize 6+1 trait vocabulary.  I use it now with my GSP students when we write.

In math… it helps me know what is coming down for FCAT, what our school trends are..and I work closely with our 5th grade math teacher.  (SHE’s wonderful to team with…I drive her the most crazy I’m sure).

Still…I wonder if this rating system will drive our teams apart.  I hope not.  I’m pretty keen on most areas of our new teacher evaluation system…but this part I truly don’t feel comfortable with.  Honestly, I feel I work very hard to collaborate with my teams…and I feel they work well with me.  So maybe this is that area that the county feels we can all shine.

But what if a teacher rates you low?  I’m not quite sure how that would work… and what if you are doing your job well…but they just think it should be done a different way?  What is the standard?

We’ll see… fingers crossed.  I truly enjoy the people I work with.  But they seemed a little unsure today…this process did not seem to build them up 😦

Does your new teacher evaluation system include a peer assessment for PLCs?


What do you think?

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