Future problem solvers – our end of year meeting and forward plans! So excited!

We met today for our FPS party and debrief…and ate cookies (Think MINT GIRL SCOUT COOKIES)…and talking…and games…. after hard work we needed some fun!  And more Girl Scout Cookies!

from http://www.girlscoutcookies.org/

I got to see their booklet and scores.  I WAS SO IMPRESSED!  In the few weeks we worked together they absorbed so much information.  One judge gave them all 10 categories!!!

We do need to work on how we work things and exploring the categories and concept of finding and writing solutions tightly linked to the underlying problem.  But they are up to it and excited about next year.  I think I will be ready to lead more than one team.  The 5 students that participated this year would like to break up into boys and girls.  It’s their choice and I think it would be great for my girl to lead a team…and the boys…they are going to work so well together.  I’m excited for them!

I can see how I can integrate it into GSP…but truthfully, except for the concept of looking a problems, finding challenges in different domains and looking for solutions tightly linked to the problems… the structure of FPS…wording…I’m going to save for our after school program.  I am taking a class in CREATIVITY and feel too much focus on the wording could reduce creativity in my classroom if used as a ‘whole focus’.  Does that make sense?  I want to use more CPS like in my activity book…and what I am learning in my GSP endorsement class.  I think allowing for different approaches to CPS will be more personalized for my students.

I will also need to start fundraising for the beginning.  I am thinking of having them take pictures around the school and making greeting cards… we talked as a group and they want to have a school store.  I have to talk with our principal over the summer.  But regardless…we are hitting the ground running NEXT to the car…

I am looking forward to next years FPS and thank all the students, parents, staff and the FPS board… thank you!  For letting me be a learner, being so helpful and encouraging!


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