Researching Lewis Carroll for my #gifted class….it’s getting “curiouser and curiouser”

Lewis Carroll from Christ Church's website

My 1st and 2nd Grade gifted class decided to study Lewis Carroll and have a Mad Hatter Tea Party.

Here is our ‘Tea Unit’ so far!

First, we brainstormed our KWL and sat down and planned our project over the term.  Since then we have…

  • investigated different types of tea as scientists looking through magnifying glasses
  • tea tasting – using our sense of taste to compare the properties of each tea.
  • researching the history, uses and transportation of tea…along with Lewis Carroll and the Mad Hatter of Alice.
  • had a wonderful visitor!  A master herbalist that taught us how to mix herbs to make our own tea.

Last week we went on a virtual tour of Oxford, down the Thames and to the Oxford University Natural History Museum.  We learned about the life of Charles Dodgson and how the story of Alice was based on the animals found in the museum and the children and people met during his adventures around town.  Then the children decided they wanted to write their own book of wonder to share at their tea party!  So we explored our school as Lewis Carroll did Christ Church, wondering the ‘real’ purpose and mysteries found on our campus.

Photograph of Christ Church from their webpage...

The creativity and imagination of the children was truly astounding!  I gave a digital camera to our ‘photographer’ and instructed the students to guide him when to take pictures so we could use them as a foundation for illustrations later.  We have pictures of the ‘tree of insight’, the ‘forest of heroes’, the Troll HQ and many more magical places on our campus I was just made aware of! I’m so excited to watch their book and excitement grow…

Next week we create our own tea blends, writing down the recipes and making sure we measure ‘exactly’ – using our math and writing skills.  Then we have invitations to create, people to invite, decorations to make and etiquette to master!  Oh such a terribly busy term this will be!

Nothing like candle light and Carroll...

So tonight I thought I’d learn more about this Lewis Carroll.  I’m researching Charles the mathematician and want to incorporate Logic Puzzles like he created into our unit.  The children would like to create some for our party….

Transporting myself back in time…to capture the essence of Oxford and LC as much as possible…I lit my honeycomb candle and downloaded Lewis Carroll’s ‘Doublets – A word puzzle’…setting the mood for a “curiouser and curiouser” night.


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