WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!! We competed at districts for Future Problem Solvers!!!

Junior Division            Friday, February 17,

WE DID IT!!!!!  I have no idea how they did but they felt pretty good.  They said the judges felt their presentation was strong…just not long enough.  They were confident – which is shocking…about being able to find different categories…and overall they want to do it next year.

I feel like fireworks are in order!!!!


But it was a long day.  In the end, I was a calculator.  It was a one year position J  but it was a good roll for me.  I sat at the different stations and watched the other evaluators mark and asked questions or participated in how they were making decisions. Next year I’ll be ready for that.


FPS is definitely a learning experience and students have to be interested in work…it’s not fun, fun competition but a true thinking competition that is rigorous and challenging.  I was impressed.  I learned a lot…and feel that I have at least a grasp of the whole concept.


Some things I learned…

I need to teach the language…the set sentence format.  Next year I will start from the beginning and ease it in consistently so it’s not boring.

Ok.. maybe this isn't a picture OF me...but it IS ME today!


I saw examples of teachers who taught it as part of their GSP classes.  Some were so creative and others truly lacked creativity and it just looked like work.  I want to tap into my students’ creativity and make this fun.  Some of the coaches gave me some EXCELLENT ideas!


I’m tired though………………… being a calculator was HARD!  lol seriously!



But I don’t not know how the board does it…how they juggle their teaching roles and leading us.  Amazing…absolutely amazing they are.  The day went smoothly which is a tribute to that FPS team.


But it’s over for now…and I’m dancing….


What do you think?

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