It’s February…classroom organization is still ongoing

Classroom organizing depends...and it changes depending on....

The continuous learning cycle never ends. Hence the use of ‘continuous’ I know. With that spirit I tried to look at my classroom with fresh eyes.

I just have not been settled with the way students move around for supplies. I feel my bell to bell learning is not where it needs to be.

I teach science with k-2, gifted 1-6 pullout and reading support 3-6. The little ones do not being pencils which is just as well because I try to keep them moving and we’d spend time searching for “my pencil!”

2nd grade science brings their pencil boxes but time gets lost if one person is missing a red or blue. The older gifted come fairly prepared.  They rest I provide what they will need.  However, I have wanted to do more art, creativity – its just slow to get out resources.  I felt too much times is wasted. get the point.

So… I stayed late on Thursday organizing.

My favourite shower caddy (slash) super classroom desk organizer!

I don’t know why I didn’t set up my table caddies earlier. I loved them in a regular classroom. I felt a need to be so flexible with the different types of classes that my tables needed to be clear.  I have found it just makes for more wait time.

Our caretaker had these 4 caddies in the storage room. They are my favorite design and Wal-Mart doesn’t carry them this year. I left 8 at my last school so I was thankful when I saw four in the extra room. I just need a paperback dictionary and thesaurus and they are set. Normally I would also have students keep a reading book in or under. I may put some science books in them or other books related to the topics we are studying.  I keep pencils, colour pencils, crayons, glue sticks, rulers and sticky notes in each one.  Everyone will still need to share colours and crayons…but they have enough for 1-1 for the rest.

Calendar and Daily Schedule

I also set up a calendar and daily schedule. I was hoping to use the bulletin boards for something else but we always refer to dates. Also the daily schedule would get washed away as I moved through the instruction of all my different classes.

So here it is. With the holidays I won’t see my room until Tuesday but I already am excited about integrating more color in my lessons. I’ve thought through how I will keep the resources fresh and how the students will have more learning time.


We’ll see… I am learning how to post from my phone so I hope I don’t have too many errors.
Cheers Terri


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