Creativity – Journal entry #1

Life has it’s challenges….

Life has it's challenges...

I am currently taking my 2nd gifted endorsement course for the state of Florida. The class is about creativity. We are asked to keep a journal…so as part of my blog I am going to add a tag of Creativity and keep my thoughts about creativity and this class embedded. I welcome your thoughts and reflections of each journal question as they relate to my posts or your own response to the original questions. Please share J

“Think about how problem finding operates in your own life. What kinds of problems do you address in your daily life? Are your problems presented? Emergent? Are their opportunities in your life for you to seek and examine original problems? How could you make that happen?” From Creativity in the classroom Schools of Curious Delight pg. 43

I’m not sure if I go out to find problems…they tend to find me soon enough on their own. I also think tend to look at them more as a struggle or challenge to overcome – than a ‘problem’ (for me it feels like a subtle different in approach). At this point, I am more reacting to the circumstances in my life rather than actively looking for more problems! However, I have read that great creativity can come during highly stressful moments. Hence, I am in the crest of many highly creative opportunities! lol J (sigh…)

As a mom of 3, teacher of many, wife… between my gifted and science class load, reading support and Future Problem solving…our new teacher evaluation system…taking gifted courses…maintaining my home…shuttling children to games, practices…friends…movies… my biggest challenge is time and quality of life and work. How can those be sources of creativity?

What may be creative is that I try to ‘own’ all my challenges…see them as unique to me in the sense that I have a different life, personality and experience base to make decisions from. I also have different needs for how I think and organize myself best and know that although there are times I can adapt and grow…there are set ways that my body and mind work best. I also have a strong vision of what I want for my life and work (they do change) and seem to be most creative when I feel that way of living is in jeopardy or far off in the distance. Right now…they are just alluding my grasp…if only….I just…..if I could….what can I do to change….to improve….to make this happen…..imagine if…..

Take some time to stop and think things though...

think it through…

This is where I see I can be truly creative…where I synthesis information and experiences…seek out new knowledge and skills…in order to build and develop new ways of solving the challenges I face in life that stand in the way of my visions.

That is not to say other people do not choose the same paths…but the likely hood of them incorporating all my processes in the ways I do? I’d be surprised. I find I rarely fit comfortably into the overall processes created by others to support their own life path….and I have been told repeatedly that people do not know how I do what I do. That is not a compliment….because I am not where I want to be as far as balance and family right now. So although I can get volumes of WORK done… who I am as a person needs strong connections with my family in more meaningful ways. Hence my current ‘challenge’….

I don’t want to use the word ‘problem’ as it relates to my life. There is so much to do and many people I work with….I look at ‘problem’ as a negative word. I don’t need any more problems and my life is not a ‘problem’. However, the challenges and opportunities to grow emerge daily. I am not always successful in working through them gracefully or with the quality I would like at the moment they present themselves…However, I do reflect (or dwell may be more appropriate) on those I felt I could of changed or improved. If I anticipate I may have to face them again, which normally I do, I see where I walk through many possible pathways and reactions in my head until I find a solution that will not only satisfy me…but help me feel in command where I am not reacting to my life…but truly creating who I am and can become.

Seriously….I’m that deep sometimes J

I also feel solutions build…although sometimes they conflict with resources available. So I have to think long term…finding the path that will have the biggest, positive impact.

For example, I bought the IPhone. I exceeded my research and expectations for helping me organize my personal life, my work and gave me a creative outlet for photography and design that I have been missing. I love to make cards and scrapbook. Right now there is just no time…however, I have been using that desire for design in my classroom by using colours and projects to make my day surrounded by purposeful art, even if I don’t have the time to make my own to give away.

With time and creative problem solving, you will be surprised at what you can do!

My blog…I have been watching it…moving it from Blogger to Edublog because of the educational platform…but recently I found Tumblr and WordPress…and it just seems “perfect”! More me…more creative. So my blogging of teaching…can also be beautiful and artistic. We’ll see… a new solution usually creates other challenges…like how to transfer all my work…more time is needed…which I have so little of ..lol


What do you think?

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