About me…

I’m a mom, wife and teacher who works each day to enjoy life’s amazing gifts…my children, my husband, my students, my community and my world.  Yes…I can be that deep. 🙂


I have done so many different things in life from launching satellites, Disney to waiting tables…and found that teaching is truly my place.

I am new to explore how to use tumblr to collect, store and share ideas on teaching and learning.  I also love that it may be the outlet I need to be creative when the moment sparks.


I am very interested in how assessment can be used in the classroom in positive ways to encourage student engagement, target setting and progression.  I love science, technology, the engineering process, math and Project Based Learning.  That does not preclude an enjoyment for history, art and writing.  Yes..I’ve purposely left music out.  Although I am an avid listener to a wide range of genre and can hold my own with a beat…I’ve never really learned how to compose or play an instrument.


I can’t imagine not being an Elementary teacher…how could you teach just ONE SUBJECT!

For the 2011-2011 school year I am teaching gifted, primary science and reading support.

What do you think?

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