Future problem solvers – Training 4 and my team will start meeting (YIKES)

Ok..I’m probably not going to be able to test as an Evaluator.  Quite honestly I don’t feel I have my head around this think well enough and I would not do a very good job.  This process has been such a learning experience and I don’t feel like I’m more than a learner…

My team starts meeting this coming week.  I am excited about the first approach..  I have going to give them a problem and discuss the categories asking them and guiding them to learn how to approach a problem from each.  Then the following week, I will give them another problem and let them break up the categories as their favourites and let them come up with the challenges.  I have talk to all the parents and they know this year will be a learning experience.

Then we will break down each part of the booklet step by step until the competition.  I hope we are on the 2nd day….


What do you think?

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