Working with new teachers…a dream come true

This year brings great changes…

I am squarely in the midst of a county’s (and state’s) new Teacher Evaluation System.  It’s hard and different and brings rubrics, reflection and evidence gathering.

However, England prepared me for this!  A strong, evidence based, teacher assessment program is not new.  In England I worked over two years as an international teacher towards my QTS – qualified teacher status.  To say it brought me great joy to achieve is an understatement.  I grew and learned…and gained strenght in my teaching and learning through a process with an AMAZING and CARING mentor, team and head mistress.. There just are no words…truly.

Today I sat down with two student teachers (one is  Sharae Pierret @ADifference4U) who have been asked by their supervisor to walk through our PGP process here in Brevard. Yes..this is my first year back in the county…so maybe some would find it odd.  Still…I have concrete experience in a PGP/QTS process even though I am gaining footing in Brevard’s BEST practices.

That said… very much of Brevard’s BEST practices are similar in depth to the skills and knowledge I learned over in Oxfordshire.  I had the amazing opportunity to have Dorothy Kavanaugh as my county supervisor.  The very one from the acknowledgements in Black and Williams’ Assessment for Learning – Inside the Black Box.   She was rigorous…and had clear and strong expectations.  And she was AMAZING at Assessment for Learning.  I cried (yes cried) after our first meeting….because the process was so hard…and so different from my American qualification process.  So different from the way I used assessments had home…But I didn’t quit and Dorothy gave me strong feedback on my expectations and what I needed to do to show my growth.

In the end…I did.  It was hard (did I mention that! lol)   But it prepared me for today…to excitedly share my PGP portfolio and walk through my process of how I review the rubrics and reflect as I work towards implementing my PGP with fidelity.    I LOVE teaching…and this is where I want to be…helping other teachers get and stay excited about the art, psychology and science of teaching and learning!   Thank you both for the opportunity to share… I’m so excited to see two future teachers already working to reflect on their practice and take part in the continuous improvement cycle.

I’m so touched by your interest in my thoughts!  And Sharae…I’m so excited to meet someone who is stretching me in educational technology and helping me become a stronger educator!  


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