Peace – my PGP initial marks- teacher evaluation linked to student achievement


this year is about learning to find peace.  Not to find a place where there is no noise…not a life with little trouble or hard work…but to learn how to be calm (and joyful) in my heart in the midst of noise, trouble, hard work, struggle and uncertainty.

I am one of those teachers who will take on a teacher evaluation assessment concretely linked to student achievement.  I’m not afraid of accountability…I love to teach and want my students to succeed.  I’m not confident that the FCAT is a valid assessment that I should be measured by at such a high percent.

Still… it is what it is…and I move forward.   This is about getting my PGP first marks. I received a 9!  A 9 out of 10!  For hours and hours and hours of work…yes…and I am not exaggerating.  The teachers I worked with and teamed with all received 9s or 10s!!!  I am so excited for them…for all of us.

In this first year…this unsure year…this learning year where I sat down with the rubric and really unpicked it step by step using my experiences in England… we were successful.   And yet I didn’t get a perfect 10!  OH yes… the part of me that wants to be perfect…the one that tried to meet each standard…for a tiny moment gave out a sigh.  But not for long.

Why?   I don’t mind rigor…as long as it’s fair.  I’m not perfect…so my marks should reflect that. I am strong…and my marks did reflect that.  There is always room to improve…and my marks and the feedback I received shows me how.   Does that mean I totally agree with this system.  You know…it is not for everyone.  And quite honestly…I cannot see this being EVERY year.  But maybe I will feel different when it’s over.

I know it’s making me reflect.

I know it’s making me stay focused.

I know it is a crazy amount of work….especially because I am migrating in to a new educational system.

I am so thankful it’s not completely new…but new enough.

And I am sooo thankful for the team of teachers that surrounds me. Still, I wish politicians had PGPs!  Seriously!  I wish I could review their value added scores…how they improve the life and balance of their constituents.  Can you imagine? 🙂  I think this PGP will have a good effect on me.  But…I’m not sure we are using it in the right ways.   My ultimate goal this year is to learn how to attain peace.  I wonder how it will go.


What do you think?

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