Future Problem Solvers – Day #2 OK…this is a big deal…


The coaches for Brevard FPS are amazing...

Today we reviewed looking for challenges and how to write them up – moving into creating our statement.  UGH!  I find it kind of hard to wrap my head around and need to purchase some materials from the FPS store and register my team so I can get the manual.  A lot of what FPS does is proprietary….so information can’t be shared until after the competition this year or so many years into the future.


The format or presentation of the challenges and solutions is quite specific.  I’m not really sure how ‘fun’ that will make our time together but I am going to talk with my 5th grade GSP class to check the interest.  I did get to observe a gifted teacher teaching FPS and WOW…that made a lot more sense IN ONE WAY.  However, her class had a flow and already has a strong understanding of FPS and you could tell.  So I wonder how it will be just starting out a team.


Truthfully, at this point, it see a lot of WORK.  To do FPS well, students need to be able to write in a set format and do background research.  My school is already pretty challenging and the students seem to have a good amount of homework so I wonder how I would implement research.  I really don’t feel ready for this yet and one coach recommended that we sort of watch and be an evaluator the first year and not worry about having a team.  LOL  That might be an idea… OK. That’s not going to happen.


I worry with the rigor and quality of some of the afterschool programs and competitions we have if parents will have such high expectations for FPS and if we fail…ugh.  I am going to be really clear with my families that I am new and we are going to take a learning approach this year.  The coaches say that it takes at least 3 years to really come up to speed…


I feel like I am running behind the car.

from Florida Future Problem Solvers

TOPICS FOR 2011-2012
Practice Problem #1:
  All In A Day’s Work
Practice Problem #2:   Coral Reefs
Qualifying Problem:   Human Rights
Affiliate Competition:
  Trade Barriers
IC 2012:

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