LGI in my VA PLC (got that?) The learning gains index from Putnam County

Today I have a lot on my plate.  Ok.. I always have a lot on my plate.  I decided to start waking up earlier to journal thinking it will help me better focus and organize my day…and maybe leave some time in the evening to exercise. We’ll see…

To Do:

1st I have a math Professional Learning Committee (PLC)  on Vertical Articulation (VA).  We will sit down as grade levels (and GSP in my case) and discuss any trends school wide that we may of noticed. I’m very interested in listening in because the last one…was a lot of talk in general and not much on specifics.

I’m bringing with me my LGI – Learning Gains Indexes that I researched from Putnam County.  Tom Townsend developed (in my words) a visual way to see student learning gains using FCAT (our Florida state assessment) data.  The LGI is not what I’m going to share today…I’m going to share a chart I found when researching it.  Now…he may or may not of created the chart…but I’ve only seen it in the Putnam info.

Example of how I use the LGI Chart from Putnam to reflect on a student's FCAT Math scores over time.

I saved the page as a PDF from their LGI presentation  and then uploaded it into a drawing in Open office…saved it as a JPEG…opened it up in Picasa and edited it in PicNiks.  Yes…I have way too much time on my hands (NOT). ugh

I also add the learning style information I gain from Eductopia.org learning styles quiz (3-6th grade).  I hope it helps me during planning to connect with the ways they might learn best.

I feel this will be worth the effort. In this particular case, it shows a child decreasing not only in DSS but in FCAT levels as well.  Of course, dropping FCAT levels would be noticed immediately.  In actually, this student’s original and 2011 scores were about 75 points higher.  The differences are the same.  So this student did have a significant drop in learning gains (as shown) but maintained the FCAT level.

Some gifted students wonder why these test matter.  Although that is it’s own debate…my focus will be using these assessments to show their ‘best’ work through that medium.  I say ‘best work’ because not all students will be able to shine under a standardized test.  However, I want them to reflect on the outcomes and consider why they did or did not show improvement.  I feel this chart is a really effective and visual way to show that….and next year… will help them see if changes in the efforts or approach yielded any new results.

How will I use this… for my students to show that they have the sought after “level 5” still…but in actuality they are not  progressing or showing their understanding with strength.  In fact, it appears they are digressing…  for some gifted students that will be a wake up call because they want to strive forward…for others they might not care at first…

Thank you Tom Townsand.  I had been racking my brain to figure out how to communicate learning gains effectively to students who are achieving the ‘highest level’ but starting to ‘fall behind.’

So how to you share with students learning gains?  Do you use learnings gains?  In England, imagine no GRADES in primary…it was all about learning gains.  It was tough…but I LOVED it!


What do you think?

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