New lesson plan format – clearly showing the process, standards, differentiation and assessment

Children need to be at
the center of planning!

Well…it’s late or early (I woke up at 2.30 am thinking I wanted to really wrap this up).  I feel lesson planning is its own cycle..the strongest cycle that connects assessments to teaching and learning.  When I reflect on it…create my lessons…I always break my thoughts into ‘clouds’ (seriously! lol)  In one hovering cloud I have my state standards, one good assessment – how will I know, and overarching, the children and what will engage them.  That doesn’t mean I always do it well. I feel I need more time to really make my plans of a higher quality…but I am working to figure out how to do that in less time.  There is always…room to improve!

I just finished changing my lesson plants for science this week and have chosen a design that integrates areas for our BEST learning cycle quadrants, areas for the Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards(NGSSS) and National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC) Standards .

Our BEST learning cycle quadrants remind me clearly of the 4 areas my lessons were broken up into in England.. introduction (BEST calls it a HOOK), Whole group learning, Guide group and/or then Individual practice.  As a science lab teacher with 40 minutes a week (or bi-weekly for one grade) I’m not sure how well I can get through all quadrants in one session…so I’ll have to see how it works over two.  The quadrants miss the ‘plenary’ or reflection closing…but I don’t think that is intended.  I think the quadrants are more the core focus of good instructional practice.

So..to have all the elements shown clearly… I didn’t feel comfortable with the circle design modeled by the county.  I need my boxes!  Maybe I’m square! lol

Anyhow, here it is.  I added a place for learning needs and styles I am going to start or try to connect with.  Then at the end, I always leave an area to write assessment observations or notes..  In these examples, I still need to add the next and previous levels and link to my “Must, Should, Could” and add my gifted standards.  This is science…I still want to add the gifted standards though.  So one step at a time…
K Science
1st Science
2nd Science
Medium Term Plan from Last Term

This year its been like riding a wave just to stay abreast of learning about the gifted, my gifted class, my pgp goal, learning about BEST, using district data software, learning the lingo and type of data…what it all means…linking standards for 3 grades of science…learning gifted standards (still in progress I won’t lie)..writing EPs, making audit files, fitting into a new school in a new way and learning more about learning styles and GOOGLE!  And now to juggle it all in short spurts of times with students.

Students are amazing people!

Truly…just think about it…I see 1st through 6th grade students for gifted pullout.  My 1st grade only has 1 but after that I go up to 8 to 13.  Each grade has different NGSS as well as different gifted standards.  I have spend the last term getting them on Google, teaching them about their learning styles and then each grade has their own project.  I truly want to engage them, meet their needs and encourage them to love learning!  This year has been hard…but I truly feel blessed to be their teacher!

Hope you all have a good week!  I know I need to post more.


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