Reflecting on my digital tools that keep me going…what do you rely on?

from T-mobile.com
I’m up late. There are days (nights really) that this all seems so much… I can see the light and so I press on.  But there is just so much to do. Teaching is very different from the vision people outside of the  school walls see.
We work a lot of extra hours during the school year…it wouldbe hard to keep track because teachers grade papers, do paperwork, read up on curriculum or background info, create materials EVERYWHERE!
I am so thankful for my laptop and my colour nook….and cellphone.  They keep me together.
My cell phone?  It takes pictures of student work when I want to capture an observation of quality work or maybe evidence of possible learning gaps.  Quick..snap…gotcha…upload…!
My laptop…well…it’staking my desk and ability to create everywhere! And I do mean everywhere…. My school has given me a PC, but I always end up on my MAC.
·     the mall
·     Starbucks (my favourite)
·     in the car as my teen learns to drive (should I be watching the road here? ugh)
·       drives to wherever (my husband is used it now)
·      in the mall parking lot (when I tell my husband I’m shopping but really I’mworking…shhhh!)
·     at lunch breaks during training
·     soccer games (yes…I am not proud of that but I SWEAR it’s only during ½ time)
from Apple.com
·     soccer practice
·     at home (of course)
·     by the pool (ok this is really my favourite!)
·     in the car waiting for my husband who is shopping (I’ve done it)
·     on vacation or a trip (yes….yes…but only when my family is getting ready to sleep and don’t notice).
·     pretty much any where…
from Barnes and Noble
And now I have my COLOUR NOOK!!!  So now I can take my reading EVERYWHERE without dropping it all over the ground, getting it wrinkled, losing that 1 page or 2.
I can take notes on most of my PDFs.
So I am reviewing…
·     science standards and curriculum guidelines
·     teaching and learning strategies for K-2
·     The new state gifted framework
·     New national gifted standards
·     New gifted district policies (you get the picture)
·     PGP research
·     the 5 E’s (did you know there are 7 now)
·     PBIL homework
·     OK…ANYTHING someone sends me digitally or paper copy and I can find in a PDF that I have to read is on my NOOK.
What’s on your nook and where do you do your work?
I love my Nook and my Mac?
I’m thinking of upgrading my phone.

Any recommendations?  I’m thinking of the Apple IPhone but what about the Smart Phones?  I really need a decent camera and I’d like the ability to Skype for my online PLCs or site in on some blackboard or other webinars?
Hope you had a good Wednesday!


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