My PGP – a rework in progress :)

from Erin Acheson’s Blog

Today I meet with my admin to discuss the PGP ideas I had been working on.  Fair enough…the AFL goal I developed this weekend (all weekend..ugh) was not considered enough of a stretch.  What was really helpful was my principal helped me with data and get on the right track!

I love data on students but moving to a different country, data is collected and communicated differently.  I was excited (yes…excited..I’m a nerd) so learn how we show learning gains in Florida.   Florida has the FCAT, which uses levels.  In addition to those levels there are yearly progress standards for reading and math that students should show when they make ‘a years worth of learning.’  That concept is very similar to what we had in England!  Regardless of how bright a student was, every child in England should show a years worth of learning which was communicated as 2 sublevel increases a year.

In Florida, the increase is a number different for reading and math!  So for my PGP, I can look at the percentage of students in 2 grade levels and work to support those who did not make a years worth of learning.  I’m very excited about that!  Going back to my AFL strategies, I can share the concept of a years worth of learning with my gifted students and link that to their formative and summative assessments so we can communicate progression (or lack of) together. Here is a good link…
What are learning gains?

I also need to reflect on my Google lessons.  It is one thing to jump into a new technology and think of it as I would use it as an adult/teacher.  It is another thing to view it as an elementary student excited about communicating with friends as a work around to Facebook.  Did not see that one coming…but a valuable lesson nevertheless.

I have been working to find out how other teachers are using Google Cloud and see if there are lessons learned.  I have found one teacher…but I know there must be more.  I see that people are Google Certified Educators…I need to find out if they can assist me or direct me to more info.

Planned out my science lessons in medium term format and need to tighten up the procedures and resources for the rest of the weeks this weekend.  There are some great resources on NSTA that I am learning about through my weekly on-line PLC.  I need to learn more about the animals in my lab!!!!  Creatures really because some are insects and some are?

I also start my 3rd module for NASA’s Project Based Inquiry Learning lessons.  VERY excited to learn more and develop some for my gifted students.  I ALSO begin my gifted endorsement classes tomorrow!!!  So  much learning…so little time! 🙂


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