Donuts and TV…a labor day tradition?

Tomorrow is Labor Day. According to my son, who has lived in England for all of his life but the last year or so, Labor Day will encompass all 3 days of this weekend.  In fact, as he reminded us today, the Labor day tradition is to NOT labor and eat donuts ALL day as we watch TV!

I’ve very curious as to where this tradition has stemmed because we are not doughnut eaters or TV watchers.  I did ask if I could elect to not eat donuts all day but fruit instead…”YES!”  (I was thrilled.)

My wonder husband dutifully went off this morning to find donuts – my son suggested 7-11 since we did not know a local Dunkin Donuts shop or we could Google it. (Good little tech user I’ve raised!)

So…the day begins…for them at least.  They aren’t laboring…but are driving to watch my oldest play soccer. My labor day weekend goal is to LABOR lovingly and get well ahead of all my planning and PGP development which I have been doing.

I have cracked how to update my classroom blog and teacher journal (this one) from school to SAVE TIME!  And cannot wait to share it with another teacher who started blogging this year.

Why such a challenge to blog you ask?  Because blogger is blocked by our district internet filter.  Yes… we are on the Google cloud now..but no…we were blocked from using the blogging apps. 😦

I did draft a technology request and am awaiting a review before I send it to my principal and school tech. THEY are very encouraging TECH NINJAs! SERIOUSLY!  This is the first school I am going to have to work hard to keep up with all the innovations happening in technology.

New Chrome Notebook! Light and FAST!

Our tech just gave our gifted class 5 Google Chrome Books!!!!  The speed and ease of getting right into our Google Cloud was unmatched!  They are light and a lovely size for students to use.  I love the exterior which seems rubberized to help pupils have a better grasp.

Must get up…(this is my hubby who is already out the door)

Well its time to GET UP!  I have been working on transferring my journal entries from my county PGP site to my blogger. We can create ‘kind of’ a blog on our Google Site by using the ANNOUNCEMENT layout under our school sites.  However, in order to encourage comments, I have to give everyone permission to EDIT that page.  Just not willing to do it…nope..just not gonna! 🙂

Alright…I’m in a funny mood.  Must go run.  Thought about my PGP ALL night and need to do some planning…and need to get out of bed.


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