My PGP – Development


Began reading this last week information on Marzano and downloaded some of his research and chapters from books (through our professional development library).  Beginning the process of re-reading Assessment for Learning – Putting it into Practice.  Although I have been introduced to AFL strategies.  I am not an expert.  Black & Williams talk about the teacher development process.  Table 3.2 (p.28 Lists ‘four ways in which teachers adopted formative assessment strategies”.

 Teacher Development Quotes from table  My thoughts
 Experts  Formative Assessment Strategies embedded in and integrated with practice.
 This is my PGP goal!  I would like to investigate the American ideas of best formative and summative assessment strategies for use with students to drive planning and student progression.  I would like to further develop some of the research recognized AFL strategies found in “Inside the Primary Black Box” (AFL in primary and early years) as well as ATI’s Classroom Assessment for Student Learning – Doing it Right – Using it Well by Rick Stiggins and Co.  I would like to work towards “Expert” level as noted by the authors of Assessment for Learning and ensure my assessment strategies lead and guide my planning – and involve students within the process to support motivation, engagement and progress.
I will maintain data to monitor if my students are progressing as ensured by the research on AFL.  If I do not see progress, I will review my use of strategies.
 Moving Pioneers  Teachers who were successful with one or two key strategies, but having routinized these were looking for other ways to augment their practice.
 The first year back in America, I worked on developing my traffic light strategies and working on developing an understanding of the 5/6 grade Florida benchmarks.  I did turn some 5th and 6th benchmarks into I CAN statements and developed a interactive student sheet to use…but did not get a chance because I changed over to working with the KSC education department at Delaware North.
 Static Pioneers  Teachers who were successful with one or two key strategies and who had restricted themselves to these.
 During the end of my QTS, I was able to use thumbs up/down, pair share and some deeper questioning to unpick student understanding.  I needed to develop my questioning more and was showing some integration of AFL into my planning.
 Triallers  Teachers who had attempted strategies but had not embeded any strategies into their practice.
 This was my beginning introduction to AFL.  When I was first evaluated by Dorothy Kavanagh and found to ‘know’ the strategies…but did not have them EMBEDED into my practice.  The assessment was not driving my planning and I could not articulate what specific learning gaps children had.


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