It’s just a big puzzle – the new PGP process

Figuring out how to make it fit together
while working with other people & so many parts!

I have been working through my PGP process and working to figure out how to collaborate better with teachers throughout the grade levels for K-2 Science and Gifted.  I also have been working to come up to speed on Gifted guidelines and will be finishing EPs for new staffing and one re-eval.  I need to create a gifted brochure and create a checklist to have at new meetings.  There is one in my training package…so I’m not re-inventing anything..just need to have one in hand specific to our use.

This has been a busy and reflective week.  On Monday, my admin provided feedback on Science Labs.  I need to get more hands-on fast!  The first week I spent on lab safety and the 2nd week I spent discussing the standards and benchmarks with grades 1st and 2nd.  What was pretty exciting was how the 2nd graders noticed the limited planetary science benchmarks.  So we worked to review all the standards and they choose what they would like to learn under the benchmarks we were to learn.  They even worked to reword a benchmark into their language.
I need to figure out how to integrate hands-on in the lab next year at a quicker pace but not lose the introduction of standards…because it is important to me to continue involving students in the understanding of their learning.
I have much to do this weekend. I worked on reformatting the county dimensions so I could edit them for evidence and reflection like I had the core standards available to me in England. This process reminds me ALOT of my QTS program…and I find it interesting that the county will expect teachers to work through it annually.  I could see bi-annually…but it will be ALOT of work.  It took me 2 years in England.
We shall see.
I did use the feedback from my admin this week in my planning.  Actually, my science coordinator and I had already talked about the concern last week on Thursday in detail.  So my weekly plans this week (3) already included more hands on activities.  I read through some posts on the NSTA website and am interested in reading a specific post by a science teacher who jumps right in to hands on at the new year.
I have been reflecting a great deal on my PGP…more on that tomorrow. Need to run!


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