1st full week… My goal…child directed learning

There is so much to say…I need to blog here more but I am working on organizing my PGP (professional goal program?) on line as well as my classes.  MY DISTRICT HAS GONE TO THE CLOUD!!!!  Yes…I’m a little excited.

So… I developed a public webpage to show my Primary science, gifted and future problem solving classes.  It takes a while…but I am listed to 7 habits by S. Covey and I am trying to thinking about the end and plan, plan plan with that in mind (yes..Planning 2 Learn or Do…my philosophy anyways…but I never thought of applying it everywhere in my life…even webpages).

I really would like to write clearly and well but, since this is my journal…well…my excitement gets the best.

Anyhow… then I created sites for my ISS project, Book Nook project and private sites for my GSP students so they can collaborate on-line with privacy.  That was all new …the whole Google sites was new…so what a learning curve.  THAT alone has been tiring.

BUT.. I have been also planning HOW I will work through each program.  My GSP students will have PSP (personal student plans- America is so acronym!) that will follow them through their day and help them link in to enrichment learning in their classes when their studies are done.  More about this later..

I am working through the standards and thinking of how to work them in child friendly terms.  I have used my must/should/could with my K class and they get the essence.  I also worked with a 2nd grade class and reviewed the science standards.  Both are thinking over the weekend about what they would like to learn in these standards.

For my GSP, once we sit down and review their EP goals..they are going to develop how they will meet them as well.

For some I will pick an overarching theme…like Book Nook.  But what they read..is up to them and how the site will develop is up to them.

Just excited and wanted to share.  Read through my school SIP… more about that tomorrow.


What do you think?

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