Marzano, Late Nights and Scheduling.. The New Year

Scheduling in schools is unbelievably complex!!!!!!!!!   It’s just a lot of variables to come together.  Today we finalized by GSP schedule.  I’m excited to see the students more and in a pull out setting…looking forward to their ‘thinking out of the box’.  At the same time, I have been in the classroom and know pull out programs can be unsettling.  I like to have my children…period!


from Barnes & Noble

But, I’ve been reading “Expert Approaches to Support Gifted Learners‘ edited by Margaret Wayne Gosfield.  I can see that spending time with their ‘peers’ is very much needed…so I need to use that time we have well.

I pulled down on my Nook (LOVE MY NOOK) some work by Mazrano and found his website with free webinars.  He seems to be a big focus in education and quoted quite a lot.  I did see in one book where he is listed alongside Dylan Williams.  I’m wondering if he pulled from AFL or if his research paralleled the progress over in England.
This weekend will be busy..I am working on finishing my PSP (personal student packet) that the GSP students will keep with them through the day.


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