Working at home and thinking…

There are so many exciting possibilities this year as a gifted and K-2 Science teacher!  I love science!  And I KNOW we will have fun, and probably get a little muddy, as we explore our amazing campus.  For K, I look forward working with students to design and direct a great deal of their learning and learning space.  I have part of my classroom intend to ‘handover’ as our K students consider what they want to learn, how best to learn it and what resources we’ll need!  (Don’t worry, all of their ideas will fall under our NGSSS!)

For GSP, I want to head in the same direction.  Students will be pulled out in smaller groups to develop personalized learning plans that stretch them within their academic and GSP goals, as well as give them a voice in how they go about achieving them.  So start thinking about what interests you!
Why the focus on student interests?  Well, personalized learning was researched and showed clear student progression.  At the same time, children became more interested and responsible for their learning because they now were exploring topics they wanted to learn and having more direction in their studies.  Essentially, it is believing the children should be personally involved in their education rather than just receivers of information.
In England, this was a key focus for teaching and learning strategies teachers were working to learn and implement.  Quite honestly, I LOVED it!  Even with K (Year 1 across the pond) students, the partnership in the classroom created excitement, interest and learning like I’ve never experienced!  Just imagine when you were young if someone came up to you and said…”What do you want to study?”  That doesn’t make the learning any easier!  In fact, many pupils worked harder on topics of interest and reached beyond their grade level objectives.
So I’m excited to see.
I hope you all are having a good Saturday!

What do you think?

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