Organizing digitally between 2 platforms (#Mac and #PC) and 2 places with #Google, #Picasa and #Diigo

Ok… getting organized digitally is harder than moving into a new home…but essentially it felt like I was using the same principles…
digital chaos is a lot like moving-in chaos!

  • What do I really need?
  • Where can I put it so I will remember where to find it, use it well and find it easily?
  • Will my digital home be organized? Easy to keep clean and uncluttered?
  • And…can I share it (not just with others but from one house (my mac) to another (the school PC)?

Sharing between the two platforms and between to physical locations..if not more…was really the biggest challenge.

I don’t want to struggle between computers…USB drives…ANYTHING!

So I thought ALOT…

I even Google’d it… there was really nothing.  So I went for a walk and put the organization in the back of my mind and let it stew…(this is how I work out really complicated issues).

Eventually… after much research…MUCH!

How I got digitally organized….for FREE!

I put everything on Google (documents, blogger & site), Diigo and Picasa….How?

FIRST…you have to be able to sign on
Google from your school network…

Documents  & Pics
On Google, my account now holds my documents, pics (using Picasa – why because I can edit them really nicely and it’s free).

Documents – all are private…but I can share them in the future.  I used ‘collections’ and created a ‘School’ one that I can place other folders and files under.  This will be my “HardDrive” and “USB drive”.  I talked with my tech (he’s SUPER great) and he said that would be find.

Much better! But it does take time…Pictures...ok this took some thinking.  On my Mac hard drive I connected Picasa to Pictures.  Under pictures I made folders…some personal, some work.  For work, I have ‘Blog’ and ‘Class’ folders.

Blog will be for all sorts of pictures I can share on the blogs, class website that should pass any child privacy issues.  Under “Blog”, I placed all sorts of folders like a file cabinet…sports, people, class (under that ‘management’, ‘homework’.  This big ‘Blog’ folder is one with pictures I can share and use on the internet.

My “MyClass” folder is my reference.  I will have pics of children’s work for assessment purposes or other pics I’m storing.  This is not for sharing.  If I feel a picture can be shared and want to…I will transfer or copy it to my ‘Blog’ folder.

Both are set to private.  Both I organized to sync/upload to my google account.  I usually only load pictures from my mac Picasa.  But if I have to…I have a Picasa folder in Goolge/on-line that notes “To be downloaded” so I can upload pictures to that folder from anywhere. And then, when I have time, place them on my Mac Picasa folders for syncing later.

My blog and website
are googled… www.MyClassNook.com and coming up slowly.  Planning2Learn.com is my PLC place. A little nervous about having two on-line places…but this P2L is going to be my journal.  I usually keep an annual journal each school year and I want a place to start developing my leadership journey.

My google blogs link so easily to my Picasa google folders.  So, I can just type and click to add pics.  EASY PEASY!  I will not have time to open other other sites for my pictures.  Plus, Picasa has a really nice, FREE editor linked to it…PicNIC…(although you can upgrade it for a fee) option to add pretty frames, text and such.  I may have time.

I have been thinking about EduBlog for the students…so my google ones are for home-school links.  All information will consider student privacy but I know going into them…they are out on the WWW.  I still have to read up more on that because I truly want a private place for them. (Is there such a thing on the internet?)  I need to talk more to my tech.

Bookmarks – using one place between all computers to save my bookmarks
http://www.diigo.com/education seems AWESOME!!!  I uploaded (or downloaded depending on your thinking) all my bookmarks from Google and Safari.  One place for all my FAVOURITE PLACES.  I can organize them by topics – Education, Planning, Space, Science, Literacy, Teacher Resources, personal… so in 1 click….I’m there.  (I was worried about my bookmarks…I tend to find some great places that I don’t want to lose).

My Browser tool bar…
My photo edited with PICNIC from Picasa!I downloaded Google Chrome to my school PC (already had it on my MAC) and loaded up the Diigo apps.  The ‘d’ allows me to easily click, note and save.  The ‘diigolet’?  Not sure…

This will keep me organized…hopefully.  And I think the products I choose will give me room for error and improvement.  So as time goes by, I can make changes.  Google – docs, blog, site, Diigo and Picasa seem flexible.  We’ll see!

The future…

I also think Diigo will be an amazing resource for our Explorations…more about that later.

Ok…I have been thinking about my classroom design and ‘heart’.  I really want it child-centered…where my pupils create and direct it’s design and movement within the standards.  But more about that later…


What do you think?

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