New Year – Gifted and Science

This year I will be teaching Gifted and Science (K-2) at my school.  I am a little nervous.  Gifted in England was not a separate class…so I’m not worried about the differentiation.  I’m just wondering how I will be working with the children as an out of classroom teacher.

I can’t wait to meet the students I’ll be working with!

This will be a first for me.  Starting Monday I will have about 2 weeks until I start and then another week until the students arrive.

I am so curious as to what this year will be like!

I need to start setting goals:

Finish reading the Gifted handbook for our county.
Review the standards for science K-2
Go into school and meet with principal to see how my schedule will be and find out which students I will be working with.
Send out a note to the students introducing myself.
Develop a professional development plan and include the courses I will need to work on for my Gifted Endorsement.
Look up good webpages and blogs and link them here so I’ll have an easy resource.
Consider completing my MA.


What do you think?

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