One year

It has been one year since we have returned from England and, as always, there was much to learn and work through. This blog is to record, share and reflect on my thoughts about teaching, learning and assessment.

I love to teach. I consider my role as a classroom teacher founded in science as well as art. I believe teaching is a psychology that can be studied through scientific methods but only understood through looking at people without boundaries. There is no ‘normal’ or set structure. We can be fortunate and maybe students will mostly align to our expectations…but that should never be taken for granted.
I believe, deeply, that students should be approached as volunteers….that the times they spend with us actively learning is a choice…something that cannot be forced. I’m not staying you can’t get an uninterested person to memorize a fact. However, I believe true learning comes from interest and awareness, when a student decides to share.
To a new endeavor,

What do you think?

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